Wicked Strippers go to the Bendigo Races

Unbeknown to us here at Wicked Strippers that the Bendigo Races is full of bucks parties! On the 20th October at some crazy hour of the morning (for a stripper that is) 2 of our best girls headed up to the Bendigo Races to entertain for a bucks day.

Little did we know that upon taking the booking the commotion our girls would cause.

The client, let’s call him “MATT” booked a bus and a private area at the races and booked Rhianna Rose & Nicole Rose to cause a stir amongst the fella’s. For a little extra $$ the guys tipped the girls and the girls would do quick boobie flashes (YES!! At the races, the Bendigo Races, the girls were getting their titties out, read it again if you don’t believe, but it does happen!!)

The girls were the life of the party, getting the fellas drinks, putting bets on with the punters and entertaining the party guests with party tricks and game.

Whilst we are not sure just how much horse racing was watched on the day, the guys were real winners, with people from other VIP areas bartering goods and drinks to enter the VERY VIP area with the girls. Photos were ‘auctioned’ to the other race goers in lieu of drinks and smokes!

So next time you are heading to the country races in Victoria, why not book a sexy dress waitress from Wicked Strippers, she can get your drinks, help you bet, entertain you and your mates with flashing antics and over all, be the star of the show.

Forget the great horses on the track, the best ones are the fillies you book through Wicked Strippers

x0x Wicked Strippers

Get behind the scenes and find out exactly what Rhianna Rose + Nicole Rose thought of the booking:

Rhianna Rose: Feedback

Nicole Rose Feedback

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