Topless Barmaids

So you are thinking about booking a topless barmaid or topless waitress (beer wench, juggie or what ever you want to call them) but you don’t actually know what they do! Here is the low down

A good topless barmaid will

  • Welcome your guests to the party
  • Get everyone’s beers and pour drinks
  • Pick up the empty drinks and put them in the bin
  • Flirt
  • Entertain
  • Answer the door topless to the pizza guy
  • Get the party guests motivated in drinking games (that you organize)
  • Deal some poker – topless
  • Read the quiz off the back of beer stubby lids
  • Crack jokes
  • Put their boobs in faces randomly
  • Give some party guests funny nick names
  • Make sure the buck or special guest of honour has a drink in his hand at all times
  • Help with food service

What else can you do with your topless barmaid (for tips) not all waitresses will do the below, but you can always politely ask

  • Go Nude
  • Play twister
  • Drinking Games such as beer pong
  • Body shots
  • Lap dances

Be sure to have an idea of exactly what you want to have your waitress do so when she arrives you can give her a low-down of what you are expecting.

Book your bucks party topless waitress through Wicked Strippers for all parties in Melbourne, Geelong, Mornington, Phillip Island, Ballarat, Bendigo, Country Victoria.

Please be sure all guests at your party are polite to your topless waitress, ultimately she is there to enjoy your party and her time too, be friendly and be sure to follow her rules.

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