Bucks Party Food Ideas – Home Made Burgers

Bucks Party Ideas

So you are having a bucks party? You have a million things you need to organize, but of course you are organized and have already called Wicked Strippers ahead of time to book your strippers, so that’s one thing off your list of things to organize. The next is food, what food do you serve at bucks parties?

Well being in Australia you have multiple options of food open to you, and all depends on your taste buds, but I don’t know who doesn’t love a juicy burger to satisfy their hunger!

Here is a recipe for our WICKED BURGERS perfect for bucks parties

What is in them:
- Burger buns for everyone
- Mince Meat (budget is fine, you need the fat in it to make your burgers juicy)
- Egg
- Parsley
- Pepper
- Salt and/or Garlic Salt
- Worcestershire Sauce
- Sweet Chilli Sauce
-  1/2 brown onion for patty
- Onion for fillings
- Lettuce
- Tomato (or if you are real Aussie then it’s Tomatah)
- Tomato Sauce / BBQ Sauce
- Cheese
- Beetroot
- Egg for the filling

How To Do It:
- You can always trade the missus a shopping trip for a new wardrobe and pair of shoes on your credit card and in return she makes them all, however if this is not an option ask your mum kindly, if she says NO, go to the next step
1. The night before, mix mince, 2 eggs per KG of mince, chopped onion, cut parsley really fine,  Worcestershire sauce, sweet chilli sauce, salt, pepper, garlic salt (to taste)
2. Wash your hands and mix it all together really well
3. Crack open a beer, take a few sips
4. Cover the bowl in foil, put it in the fridge and leave for tomorrow
5. Cut tomatos suitable thickness for your burger
6. Break off lettuce leaves, wash and put in a container – place in fridge
7. Finish drinking the 6 pack or slab of beer, get excited, tomorrow is going to be a big day!

Cooking The Burgers:
1. Heat up the bbq hot plate until it’s really hot, then turn temperature down to medium
2. Drink some beer
3. Wash hands
4. Grab a handful of the mince, roll into a ball and flatten it out to about 1cm thick, do not make them too thick, they burn on the outside and will be raw on the inside
5. Put them on the BBQ on medium / low and cook 3 minutes each side
6. Sip of plenty of beers served to you by your topless waitress from Wicked Strippers
7.  Get the boys to line up, grab a bun, slap what ever salad they want on there, chuck a patty on each of them as they walk past
8. Everyone will be marvelling at your you beaut cooking and ask you for your secret, just tell them a bunch of strippers told you what to do!

If you like this recipe, then you will LOVE having a BBQ with a topless waitress at your function and strippers performing exotic and erotic shows, so why not organize your event TODAY with Wicked



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